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4 in Water filled  (Full Stainless Steel Tube)  rewindable Motors
4'' Water filled (Full Stainless Steel Tube) rewindable Motors
General Specifications
Mounting 4" NEMA Standard
Operating Limits Maximum Water Temperature : +33°C
Ratings Single Phase : 0.37 Kw (0.5 HP) To 2.2 Kw (3.0 HP)
  Three Phase : 0.37 Kw (0.5 HP) To 5.5 Kw (7.5 HP)
Voltage Range Single Phase : 220 V (-15%, +15%)
  Three Phase : 380 V (-15%, +15%)
Frequency 50 Hz, ±3% (60 Hz motors can be provided)
Cable Length 3.5 m
Motor Type Water Filled - Rewindable
  • Features
    Features 👍 Ease of Use ⭐ Performance
    The Totally Enclosed and Sealed Electric Motor is pre-filled with a special mixture of filtered water and anti-rust (food grade) liquid
    The motor is rewindable  
    Dynamically Precision Balanced Rotor leads to a vibration-free operation
    Special Breather Valve fitted at Non-Driving End to automatically maintain water level in the motor
    Provided with an Oil Seal, Mechanical Seal, and Sandguard to safeguard the motor from ingress of foreign particles
    Specially designed thrust pads can withstand high axial loads  
    Polyester Wrapped Winding Wire, leads to better thermal stability
    3.5 metre, 3 core special copper cable provided along with cable joining kit  
    Stainless Steel hardware allows for easy repairability  
    👍 Ease of Use is the benefit the user experiences when they wish to use / operate the product
    Performance is the benefit the user derives from the product on account of the quality, reliability and efficiency as experienced over the life of the product
  • Performance Details
  • Technical Specifications
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