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Living our purpose. Drop by drop.
Since 1967, Ansons Electro Mechanical Works have been nurturing millions of lives by making water accessible with a wide range of water pumps and motors.

Horizontal open well submersibles. Vertical open-well submersibles. Monobloc pumps. Flameproof motors. We manufacture them all.

In 1989, our sister concern, Anco Motors further strengthened our purpose.

We started manufacturing 4", 6" and 8" submersible water-filled rewindable motors and pumps, monobloc pumps and domestic pumps.

Flowing with Passion and Processes.
We are ISO 9001:2008 certified by DNV, Netherlands.

Both, our processes and products undergo extensive testing, ensuring flawless design, international quality standard and high performance consistently.
Fluid Approach
Customization is at the heart of everything we do.
Be it delivering pumps with 60 Hz frequency on request.
Making our products solar power ready.
Creating solar pumping system based on AC technology.
Interchangeable spare parts and more!
Horizontal Open well Submersibles (up to 10.0 HP I 7.5 KW)
Vertical Open well Submersibles (up to 20 HP I 15 KW)
Monobloc Pumps (from 3 HP I 2.2 KW to 20 HP I 15 KW)
Flameproof Motors (up to 1 HP /0. 75 KW)
6 " Submersibles Pumps (up to 30 HP I 22.4 KW)
6" Water Filled Rewindable Motors (up to 40 HP I 30 KW)
4" Submersibles Pumps (up to 7.5 HP I 5.6 KW)
4" Water Filled Rewindable Motors (up to 7.5 HP I 5.5 KW)
8" Submersible Pumps (up to 40 HP I 30 KW)
Domestic Monobloc Pumps (up to 2 HPI1.5 KW)
Product Application
Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation
Industrial Use
Car Washing
Residential Buildings
Pressure Boosting
Fire Fighting
Water Parks
H2O - Humble-To-Overjoyed
Over the last 5 decades, our products have successfully delighted millions of customers
not just in India but also across the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Libya, Syria,
Nigeria, Oman, Jordan, Ghana, Kuwait, Yemen, Morocco, Algeria
to name a few.
Kindly Note:
Good quality starter and earth leakage circuit breaker with proper earthing is recommended.
A non- return valve (NRV) must be fitted nearest to the pump to avoid damage due to water hammer. Additional cable length can be provided with all our motors and pumps.
The product shown may differ from actual supply in view of continuous change in design and specifications. Performances are subject to change on account of continuous improvements.
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